I am a retired professor of Fine Art living and working in the Tampa Bay Area. My main goal is to help future artists develop their own personal style through a series of foundation courses.

My own work has included painting and drawing with an emphasis on mark making and a deep devotion to printmaking. My imagery is most often based on nature in a graphic simplified way. I look east to the great Japanese block printers for inspiration. My preferred medium is relief block printing.I use traditional printmaking methods but strive for modern optimism.

The whole process of wood block printing is a form of religion for me. I use Japanese shina wood or simple MDF but print on handmade papers, marveling in the deckled edge. Color is a key element in all my work. I love
to reinvent combinations and impose strict limitations in the palette as an editing process. My exploration of color and mark reflect a sincerity and passion for color, light and the essential moment. I yearn for an ideal place,
a moment of calm and reverie.

Because art is a journey, I know where I have been, but never where I will end.